Easy access to employers

  • Employers can easily access the candidate through online internship portal. They can contact with them by using the simplified job dashboard.
  • They can track the applicants detail, download csv file for particular jobs, make a note of an applicant and many more.
  • They can also mark status for different applicants for a particular job like hired, rejected, offer extended, interviewed, archived.
  • This site id not restricted to any geographical boundary or any other parameters. We maintains database of all career level and industries and regions.

Broadened the scope for candidates:

  • This online recruitment pro -site has broadened the scope for candidates
  • They can easily access the jobs and contact the employers at the same time.
  • Through this site they learn about the companies, locations they don’t know before. Moreover they come to know what the industrial trend of the specific field is, what are the skills an employer is expecting from the person of his caliber? and what his career level is.
  • Through this internship portal you can apply for those vacancies which have not been published in newspaper


Please do not post

  • An internship or training program where students have to pay a fee.
  • An unpaid internship (except if you are an NGO or hiring for a niche role such as Law, Experimental Physics, Library Science, and the likes).
  • Network Level Marketing (NLM) internships.
  • Internships where students are expected to consume alcohol/tobacco or induce others to do so.
  • Student competitions/contests.


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